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Collaboration Of Hope!

The Author and the Songwriter

Author Anne Dennish and Songwriter/Musician Sutton Thomas have come together to create a powerful new multi-media experience they are calling "Collaboration of Hope."


Anne's book "Waking Up" chronicles her journey through her life and breast cancer. Her positive mental attitude and her ability to handle her experiences with grace, dignity, love and a lot of laughter allowed her to survive, and in fact, thrive.

Through her writing she is helping others gain self-empowerment, a healing perspective and a dependable inner strength in any crisis.

Sutton Thomas has lent his diverse songwriting abilities to creating an 11 song companion CD to the book. The songs explore more deeply and poetically the strong emotions surrounding several key chapters. The songs have begun finding homes outside the project with people and groups who are using them for a variety of therapeutic reasons.

Each work alone stands on its own merit but together they create an experience that is completely new and profound.  Anne & Sutton are both committed to spreading a message of hope, good health and joy through their collaboration of hope tour.


COME JOIN Anne & Sutton LIVE on Journey of Music, Motivation and Miracles.

Sutton Thomas & Anne Dennish
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